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Tim and Deb
    THNSA is comprised of Tim Bartley, board certified hypnotist, and Dr. Deborah Gilmour, neuropsychologist, registered nurse and certified hypnotist.  We have dedicated our lives to the study and practice of consciousness and healing.  Through the many years, and thousands of sessions conducted, we have put together specialized training in the art and science of hypnosis.


   This training is different than anything out there.  We have created several new techniques that simply blow “regular” hypnosis out of the water.  Thank you for coming by our website, enjoy!





Basic Thru Advanced Hypnosis Certification  We have a hypnosis certification program (Focus One) that allows you, with one approach, to resolve emotional, habitual, and physical disorders.  One approach to find and clear the root cause of anything that walks through your door.

What makes this different?  Focus One uses an all new approach to easily regress your clients back to the source of the problem every time!  There is nothing this good out there, find the root of the problem and fix it, every single time.


Follow this link – Focus One




This is beyond special.  Our certification in “SCM Gateway” allows you to completely remove the thinking conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious mind.  Two courses are offered.  A therapy protocol (SCM Gateway – Therapy), will allow you to release emotional, habitual, and physical disorders and a spiritual protocol (SCM Gateway – Spiritual), that allows you to guide your subject into past lives, channel their spirit guides, and allow you to engage in “miracle healing.”

Why is this special?  There is no deeper level of trance, period.  For Therapy:  What you say is absolute fact to your client.  This is a breakthrough and will be the most powerful tool in your tool belt!  For Spiritual:  Talking directly to spirit guides for answers and healing!  Past life regressions that are not influenced by the conscious mind whatsoever!


Follow this link – SCM Gateway




Medical Hypnosis Certification  We also offer a certification program in medical hypnosis.  Dr. Gilmour is a registered nurse and neuropsychologist.  Learn what is happening in the body and mind, then through this certification you will be able to achieve astounding results.

Good idea?  You bet!  To be taken seriously you need to be able to understand physical disorders and know the mind, body connection completely.  Being certified medically in hypnosis puts you on a much higher level than your peers.


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We offer:

– Live trainings
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